Saturday, April 11, 2015

Handmade Black and Silver Beaded Bracelet with a Dangle

Handmade Jewelry: Black and Silver Beaded bracelet. Three separate strands using stretch cord with a cute little dangle.

Today, I'm sharing another jewelry creation I made. I find making my own jewelry allows me to customize my creations to the types of outfits I wear. In the music industry, black is the most commonly worn 'uniform', but it gets boring without a little sparkle.

Handmade Jewelry: Black and Silver Beaded bracelet. Three separate strands using stretch cord with a cute little dangle.

I mixed the types of black beads with charcoal and silver and created three bands using stretch cord. Adding the flowery dangle gives a little whimsy to the piece.

Handmade Jewelry: Black and Silver Beaded bracelet. Three separate strands using stretch cord with a cute little dangle.

I hope this inspired you to create your own beautiful pieces!

For more ideas, check out the other jewelry I've featured in the links below:


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Friday, April 10, 2015

Rockin' The Roundup:Amazing Budget Flooring Tutorials

Yay! It's Friday and after a much needed break this week from Homeschooling, I am so excited to share some flooring ideas I found on Hometalk! If you aren't on Hometalk yet, be sure to head over and check out their inspirational posts - and don't forget to follow me!

 Save big bucks on Hardwoods with these amazing Tips!
I had such wonderful comments and love from my Hardwood Flooring Post I shared on Hometalk, I was invited to curate another board for them that's all about Budget flooring and I have found some stunners. I thought it would wonderful to combine my Clipboard with a Rockin' the Roundup feature.

Let's show off this week's Rockstars!

If you find something *swoon* worthy and want to pin or bookmark it, please, please pin from the original source linked below to give the designer the credit they deserve.  Let's share the bloggy love!

Kelly shares this awesome transformation in her foyer with paint.  She transformed her ho-hum tile with simple pizazz! Gorgeous results and she makes it seem completely doable!

AWESOME!  Learn how to paint vinyl floors with this full tutorial.  #paintvinylfloors #paintedfloors

I'm sure you've seen Tasha's stunning vinyl floor transformation all over the world wide web. It is simple, elegant, genius! Her laundry room floor makeover would make anyone want to do their wash there. Be sure to check out her blog for more amazing DIY tutorials and blogging tips. 

Swoon - seriously, who would have thought to use chalk paint on floors? Holly would and what a breathtaking result! After a poor refinishing job from the prior owners and the wear and tear from boys and geriatric pups (I hear ya, completely), she wanted something that was quick, easy, and budget friendly.  Don't miss her portfolio - it's a stunner!

Becky created this wood tile floor from pallets, y'all! I'm simply agog - and seriously dreaming of where I can do this in my house.  Check out her tutorial on how she transformed her pantry floor.

Angie had some hideous epoxy type floors in her basement and she came up with this brilliant idea to paint them to look like tile. This is a must read tutorial for anyone who is searching for something to do with their concrete floors. 

painted plywood floors 4

I  must have read this post a few dozen times before we transformed our floors. This was my actual plan until we found all the rot in our subfloor. Carrie took my breath away with her stenciled subfloors. Yes, SUBFLOORS! Be sure to read her tutorial on how to rethink your floors when you are on a budget!

This "how-to" tutorial will show you how to grout peel and stick tile. it's so easy!

In only took Ashley six hours to completely change her bathroom into a dreamy space. Her blog is filled with amazing, budget friendly transformations and this one is such an inspiration!

Wren Smart lives up to her name! They had lived years with yucky carpet from previous owners and finally wanted to transform them, only to find even more yucky linoleum underneath. They saved their pennies and used paper bags to create this gorgeous, velvety, leather look floor all for under a $100! 

when you can t do real hardwood, diy, flooring, hardwood floors, how to, This is the living room

Lori shares her amazing flooring transformation on Hometalk how she and her husband created new floors for their home using plywood cut into planks! Affordable AND adorable!

penny floors, flooring, home decor, kitchen backsplash, tile flooring, tiling

Susan saw this amazing floor mosaic created by an artist, Amanda Edwards, and shared her inspiration for all to see.  Flooring for pennies - literally!

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Farmhouse Style Table Makeover for $20 - How we did it and mistakes to avoid!

Farmhouse Style Table Makeover: Using gray tones, this amazing makeover is a Restoration Hardware Knockoff. Click the pic for more details!

When we were putting the finishing touches on our Dining Room Makeover, one thing really stood out. Our Dining Table didn't match this house. I have been swooning over the tables I see at Restoration Hardware and Ballard Designs, but a new table was not in our budget. Here's how we made over our dining room table for $20 and 
leftover paint.

Here's where we began.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Basketweave Knit Coffee Cozy

It's Springtime, which means brightly colored green buds and colorful Easter Baskets. Today I'm sharing my knit coffee cozy in a Basketweave pattern.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Decorating with Heirlooms: How to add Vintage Style to your Hutch

How to add Vintage Style to your Hutch: Use family treasures and heirlooms to your decor.

Last week, I shared the beginnings of our Dining Room reveal. Before I completely drop the curtain, I couldn't wait to show off this treasure! Recently, we were gifted this gorgeous Pine Welsh hutch from my sister-in-law. This was a family heirloom passed to her from my husband's great uncle.

Monday, March 30, 2015

DIY Art...More Printed Dictionary Pages

DIY Printed Dictionary Artwork. Create custom artwork for just pennies using what you have in your home!

My cute Plantation Desk needed some artwork to give it some pizazz, but our budget was tight. Here's how you can create your own artwork for just pennies using what you have in your home!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Rockin' the Roundup: Blogging Series - Managing your Blogging Schedule

Managing Your Blog Schedule without losing your mind! Tips from blogging experts to help you prioritize your to do list AND still have time to blog!

Whew! What a week? Ever have one of those? I'm the one in our house responsible for compiling all our paperwork for taxes for our home recording studio and I always get a bit befuddled during tax season. There was even a point of desperation this week where I entered into the "give it all up" room. You know, the room where you go to really consider pruning things from your life? It's also known as the "pity party" room, so it's not a very fun hang out.

I know I'm not alone in feeling like my to do list is never-ending, even with my blog, so I thought this week's round up needed to focus on managing your blog when life happens, time slips away from you, when you have bitten off more than you can chew. In addition to running Noting Grace, we also operate a business from our home as well as homeschool our boys, so things get overwhelming pretty quick. This week's Rock Stars give their expert tips to help you sort it all out and I am so excited to share their posts!

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