Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY Printed Dictionary Pages

Printed Dictionary Pages are so popular right now and so easy to do yourself.  

When I go junkin', I'm always on the look out for old books and I've found some great, aged dictionaries.

Some of our dearest friends run a kid's improv school in L.A. called Studio LOL.  If you live in the area, this is an amazing program that helps bring out the creativity in your child.  Our boys have participated and had a blast!  
They have received tons of accolades including the 
"Best kids Improv Class in LA" - Best of L.A. 2012, L.A. Magazine.

We thought it would be a neat gift to give them custom dictionary pages to have for their studio.

Their logo is a moustache, so we found some clip art to create pages for them.  Using any typical word processing software, create a template to use. 

We couldn't find a monocle clip art we liked, so the Hunk made the monocle himself with our software. Use an exacto knife to carefully trim the pages.  We lightly taped the pages to regular printer paper to keep them lined up properly.

You can customize it if you find pages that have a header at the top that relates to the subject. We added  the moustache clip art to the side of the page for an extra flair.

We had such a fun time searching for fonts.  Be sure to run a few test pages first before your final print to make sure you get it right.

We found some simple frames to put them in and wrapped them up.

Studio LOL

Here is it in their studio!  It was an easy, creative custom gift.  Have fun with it and be sure to share with me what creations you've made!



  1. This is cool! =0)

  2. Great idea, Jen--they turned out so well!

  3. Super cute idea! Love it! Thanks for sharing. I am a new follower. :):)


  4. I just wanted to add... After checking out your blog a bit, you are ADORABLE! Glad I discovered you. I have a BFF hunky hubs that I have been married to for almost 29 years! {life is good} ;)

  5. Love these! I printed out some clip art and words on some old book pages and get so many comments on them. I love anything made with book pages and I'm pinning this!

  6. I have seen this a number of times, but your choice of clip art words is the best I have seen - really well done! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven.

  7. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing! I need to make these for my house somewhere! SO FUN!

  8. These are really cute. I made something similar with a Genis Book of World Records from the 70s that I found. I am hosting a link party and would love it if you would link this up.

  9. I've seen these around and love them! I'm going to have to try my own now! Thanks for sharing!

    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  10. Ha! These are awesome! I need to go hunting for some old books or something, I love this idea. Very cute!

  11. Thanks for the blog and FB love! Totally digging these pages with prints. I can't wait to make some like them!

  12. Those are too cute, what a fabulous idea! I'm sharing this on my FB page tomorrow!

  13. Such a great gift idea!! I'm pinning this for sure! Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!

  14. Hi Jen. I am featuring your dictionary pages on my blog today. Thanks for linking it up. The next party starts later today and I would love it if you would link up again. Thanks again.


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